1. Install Decky Loader

Decky Loader must be installed for the MagicPods plugin to work. Follow the official instructions or watch any youtube video on how to install Decky Loader. If you already have Decky Loader installed, skip to the next step.

2. Install MagicPods plugin

  1. Switch to Gaming Mode
  2. Press
  3. Go to the tab
  4. In the upper right corner, click
  5. On the General tab, enable developer mode
  6. Go to the Developer tab
  7. Select the URL field in the Install Plugin from URL section
  8. Type the URL below and click install (Don’t forget https:// at the beginning)

Still Confused? Watch a Quick Video

3. Getting started

Now that you have MagicPods, press and go to and select MagicPods in the installed plugins list.

displays information about the current charge level and additional features, if supported by the headphones.
shows headphones supported by MagicPods, here you can connect/disconnect headphones and control Bluetooth.
contains a quick reference guide and other useful information.

All you need to do is select your headphones and connect them, and the charge level and additional features will appear on the tab.